BookFizz, Bubble, Pop

Written by Sue Martin and published by TTS Group, ‘Fizz, Bubble, Pop’ provides practical ideas for exciting hands-on science investigations all based around the theme of Bubbles.

There are so many cool experiments that can help children investigate materials and their properties in a fun, exciting way. Each will add a ‘wow’ factor to your lessons and help children to develop their scientific vocabulary and investigative techniques. Many can be readily adapted to suit much younger children who are beginning to explore and develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

This book brings together a series of fun experiments based around the theme of bubbles, which can be enjoyed by a whole class using readily available, cheap materials. They help children to develop their understanding of materials and their properties: liquids and gases; chemical reactions; mixtures and solutions; floating and sinking; forces and pressure; living organisms and respiration. They specifically promote further scientific enquiry and investigative skills: asking questions; making predictions; testing ideas; using equipments safely; making observations and taking measurements. Most importantly, they encourage children to continue to believe that SCIENCE IS FUN!

Each activity provides:

  • a list of what is needed
  • details of how to complete the activity
  • a clear explanation of the science involved
  • ideas for extending the investigation

The book also gives suggestions for guided questioning, an effective way of helping children draw more relevant and accurate conclusions from investigations.

English Science Curriculum: Key Stages 1, 2; Scottish Curriculum: P1-3, P4-P7

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