Wow Science! Camps

DSC02188Children are natural scientists. Filled with wonder and a desire to understand the world around them, they explore, they question, they challenge and they try to explain what they see. They have ideas about how things work and they test these out, reforming their ideas as they gather evidence throughout this process. They have fun! They call this process, their great experiments, PLAY.

During our Summer Camp we made rockets that ‘popped’ and shot up over their heads and then blasted others over 30m into the air. We made slime, worms and goo and quite a lot of mess! We walked on eggs and built towers from spaghetti and marshmallows. Our 50-foot long solar air bag soared, simply using the power of the Sun. We ran across custard and stood inside giant bubbles. We made bubbling concoctions and fountains of cola.

We had fun!

We called this process, their great experiments, SCIENCE.

At Halloween we explored the science of the special effects used in movies; we created concoctions that bubbled, smoked and glowed in the dark. During the Christmas Camp we had the magic of indoor snow and made sleighs for Santa that flew across the room!

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